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Our content retail services are delivered by our expert digital content team, which is filled with passionate, dedicated and creative copy writers and content executives alike. Our team follow a four-step process consisting of: Content auditing, content production, content design and content outreach.

The content auditing section of the process, enables the content team to really discuss, in-depth, how your current website content is performing, and outline a strategy going forwards. The initial strategy acts as the preliminary building blocks for our team to mould and shape as they see fit. With your guidance regarding objectives and overall company vision, we can then monitor and continually research the best content methods and tactics to adopt to ensure we deliver the right content, to the right audience at the right time. This of course increases the possibility of elevated brand exposure.

The production and design phases, sit together in the middle of the process. Both phases adhere and carefully align themselves to your key objectives and are directly relatable to your outlined target market. Both the writing and aesthetics phase are carefully married together to ensure the biggest impact is received by the target market.

The last phase of the content marketing process is the outreach phase. This is where we build credible relationships with retail industry leaders, retail-focused bloggers, and other 3rd party websites. Outreaching your content is a vital stage of the content marketing process, it’s imperative that our content team is able to identify the biggest and best opportunities, that matches your brand tone and, perhaps most importantly, is where your target market would find your content interesting and most of all, valuable to their needs at their stage of the buying process.

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Within weeks of working with us Wildfox saw a 112.5% increase in conversion rateclose-quotes.png


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