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We have always and will always be proud of our ethical approach to building links for both the purpose of increasing your domain authority but mainly for increased brand exposure. Our ability to research the best outreach opportunities coupled with our team’s exceptional content writing skills, our outreach retail services are second to none.

We consistently endeavour to deliver the best possible content placement opportunities to ensure the maximum exposure for your retail brand. Not only can out outreach retail services elevate your brand across the digital world but we aim to position you as a retailer of industry thought leadership. Becoming a thought leader requires extraordinary content crafting and creation, coupled with a database filled with influential media contacts, which is exactly what we have at our disposal at Hit Search.

We follow a direct process in order to consistently measure each and every potential outreach relationship. Here are some of the site and social metrics we measure in our content outreach teams:

  • Social reach of the suitable website across a wide range of social channels
  • Their site domain authority through Moz Extension Bar
  • Suitably estimate their volume of site traffic and measure its relevancy
  • Whether their site or blog content is highly relevant to your retail brand
  • We also monitor the frequency at which they post content to their site
  • We check whether their level of social media engagement and interaction is significant enough
  • And we scrutinise much, much more

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Within weeks of working with us Wildfox saw a 112.5% increase in conversion rateclose-quotes.png


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