So, how can PPC retail marketing help your brand?

We understand that retail is one of the most fiercely competitive industries and we can ensure your voice can be heard through the medium of PPC. It’s important your business gets a slice of the 100 million searches performed through Google each month.

Building a PPC campaign takes careful planning and continuous monitoring. The Google AdWords platform can seem straightforward enough to initially set up, but with so many other marketing tactics to juggle, the chances are, your internal marketing teams don’t have the time to dedicate to this very profitable channel.

Here at Hit Search, we’re here to take the stressful process of PPC off your shoulders. We can take care of everything, read on to find out just how we can help!

How can Hit Search help?

We can manage everything. Whether you’re a retailer without any existing PPC campaigns, or whether you’d rather we just dramatically improved the performance of your current retail PPC ads – we can do either! It’s your budget after all, and you need to ensure you generate a steady ROI (return on investment).

Handing over the PPC management to our highly-competent PPC team, will ensure your retail brand obtains the best chances to remain competitive in this cut-throat industry. Our team will not only identify your competitors across the PPC channel but we can actually analyse your competitors’ value of the PPC keyword traffic they receive. Our ability to gain a deeper insight in this respect, will do wonders for your retail brand.

Our PPC team are more than equipped to tackle the biggest PPC retail marketing challenges. All of our team members are Google AdWords qualified, and, coupled with their dynamic response to new trends and techniques, this ensures your PPC campaigns are constantly updated and optimised for maximum output.

Meet our PPC team here!

Within weeks of working with us Wildfox saw a 112.5% increase in conversion rateclose-quotes.png


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