Our approach to SEO retail services

You already know your sector is rapid in pace. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that your SEO campaigns should follow suit. Ever-changing and moulding to reflect the state of the economy, industry trends and most important of all, consumer buying behaviour. Therefore, as you can imagine, you’d have to have a large amount of time to dedicate to your SEO retail marketing campaigns, time you probably don’t have to hand.

Here at Hit Search, we pride ourselves on taking the ethical route to digital marketing service success. We are very opposed to shortcuts and we certainly don’t entertain the idea of black-hat SEO techniques. We’re proud of our ethical marketing values and this is reflected throughout all of our clients to date. Not one of our retail clients have suffered a Google penalty since coming on board with us at Hit Search for our SEO retail services. We are committed to analyse and implement changes continuously, giving your retail business the best possible ROI (return on investment).

Campaign success isn’t just measured on ROI, it’s important we boost the overall brand equity and brand awareness. In order to get that sought after ROI there are other tactics we employ here at Hit Search to help make your money work harder. A lot of retailers are starting to understand the positive impact being omni-channel can have on their bottom line, and also the impact it has on customer satisfaction and overall user experience. Making sure your SEO channel ties in perfectly with your other channels is also one of our goals as a digital marketing agency.

So, what can we offer you as a retailer?

Well to put it plainly, we can offer you a lot. We can offer you an in-depth insight into your competitors’ campaigns, keywords they’re ranking for, and the average search volume those competitors are receiving for both long-tail and short-tail keywords. We can also offer your business expert guidance in all aspects of digital marketing and how to become an omni-channel retailer. We have the results to prove what we do simply works.

Our initial approach is split into the three following steps.

  1. Link Optimisation
  2. We’ll conduct a thorough initial assessment, which will include at least one planned ongoing monthly activity designed to enhance the authority of your content both on-site and off-site.
  3. Technical Optimisation
  4. We’ll also conduct an initial technical SEO audit at the start of the project followed by continual technical support. This gives us a more in-depth understanding of what’s behind your website, SEO-wise.
  5. Content Optimisation
  6. We will then conduct an initial content audit, we will then offer on-going content support from your dedicated content member. After these steps we can then look into strategy planning and delivery, measurement strategy and other phases.

Within weeks of working with us Wildfox saw a 112.5% increase in conversion rateclose-quotes.png


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