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TJ Hughes Case Study – Paid Search


61% increase in paid search ROAS when comparing YOY

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the results

22 %
reduction in CPC
27 %
growth in CVR
61 %
increase in ROAS

What we did


The Challenge

Now focusing on paid search, the challenge was simply to grow revenue, but the target of 10 X ROAS would first need to be achieved and then maintained. Being a seasonal business in terms of stock levels, and mindful of tens of thousands of skews to manage, a paid search strategy that included both automation and the human touch would be vital for success.


Our Solution

Using cutting edge paid search automation tools, we were able to quickly identify areas where spend was inefficient. So the first task, once an account-wide audit was completed, was to remove wasted spend areas and re-deploy this budge to positively performing parts of the campaign. The idea here was to reduce CPC, and maximise ROAS (which was below the required 10 X before we started).

Once this strategy tier was underway, we turned our attention to non-brand keyword growth. For this, our focus was on product specifics initially and then we turned our attention to wider generics. The rationale for this split was that although TJ's is a well known brand, there was still a job to do both in terms of acquiring more customers digitally, whilst still driving awareness - introducing new customers to the brand all the time.


The Results

Reviewing the key metrics highlighted above, improvements were seen across the board.

When comparing YOY data to take into account the same season, Hitsearch managed to reduce CPC's by 22%, increased ROAS by 61% and increased the site wide conversion rate by 27%.


About TJ Hughes


TJ Hughes are a chain of 18 department stores across the UK selling everything from electronics, homeware and kitchen appliances through to fragrance and other beauty products.

Hitsearch has worked with TJ's for the best part of 11 years and more recently has focused on paid search strategies, targeting sales growth from tens of thousands of product skews.


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