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Waterford Technologies Case Study

About Waterford Technologies

Waterford Technologies is one of the world’s leading email archiving and file management companies.

Waterford Technologies now service an extensive global client base across Australia, Asia, USA, Canada and across mainland Europe, from offices based in the USA, Ireland, the UK. Their continued vision is to provide broadly capable email, file and eDiscovery solutions that are simple to deploy, easy to use and capable beyond all others at their price point.


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The Challenge

Hit Search were tasked with increasing the volume of leads across all of the Waterford Technologies software products. Products included, MailMeter, FileArchiver, WT Suite, GoldFax and more.


Our Solution

Our initial focus was to ensure that their on-site technical SEO ability was improved from day one. Once this was complete, we then moved onto the more advanced off-site SEO, now more commonly known as Content Outreach.

At this stage, we built and implemented a variety of targeted campaigns. These campaigns were targeted at a niche customer persona, with a view to building the Waterford Technologies’ brand, helping them become synonymous with email and file archiving software for businesses globally.

From this point, we then introduced our extensive experience in both the user journey and website conversion rate. Just simply driving an increased volume of traffic to the site, would not help improve their conversion rates.

The Results

Within the first 6 months of working together, we had managed to increase their Organic web traffic by 28%, increasing Organic conversion rate by 6%. This resulted in an increase of total lead volumes by 35%.

They continued to increase:

further increase of traffic
further increase of conversion rate
increase of lead volume