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A growth-driven performance marketing agency...

...for scaled businesses with a drive for rapid online growth.

We work with those who require digital marketing expertise & support to accelerate delivery of their business goals.

We combine data with advanced customer behaviour insights to drive optimal return and maximise your marketing investment. Our assured, evidence-based approach is borne of extensive experience that helps our clients to achieve their business objectives.

Unlike larger network agencies, we are an agile and flexible team who work in partnership with your internal team to deliver top-down strategy and performance. We’ve worked in large network agencies, and understand that what you are presented with in the sales pitch is often not what is delivered in reality.

Profitable Revenue Growth

Our speed in delivering profitable revenue growth for businesses is down to 2 key aspects of what we do:-

1) We have performance marketing blueprints for the vast majority of products/services and audiences you are looking to target. So there are no delays in testing channels that may and may not work. We have a core delivery strategy from day 1. Yes, we'll test new and emerging strategies and technology...but the core is there from day 1 - growing profit.


2) We use science combined with data to accurately and quickly predict not only the right channel but also what strategies are likely to attract and convert the right audiences. This reduces waste and focuses on building profit margin.

Our growth strategies are aligned with your business objectives. We constantly ask ourselves "Will this move us towards achieving our client's goals quickly?"

We also challenge clients a lot on their business objectives. If you are looking to grow from £3mill to £50mill inside 6 months....it's not going to happen that quickly. But we WILL show you a plan of how to sustainably get there and how long it will take. This plan will be based on 15 years of scaling businesses and what we know of your audience(s). All the while focusing on building profit year on year.

One of the first questions we ask is Why? Challenging the growth plans and targets you have allows us to really get under the skin of your business and plan accurately. We won't produce a forecast until we have spent days crunching numbers.

Get in touch today and allow us to ask you why and build a performance marketing strategy focused on growing your business's revenue profitably.

Accelerate Digital Performance

By spending time understanding your market, your audience and the place your required growth has come from, allows us to identify and plan accurately from day 1.

In turn, this allows us to provide a strong platform for growth from day 1.

Rome was built in a day, and we'll challenge your growth objectives and the time frame they are set across. Growth needs to be scalable and realistic. There will be doors already open that will provide fast growth, with other doors still needing to be opened and they'll take some time to bed in.

Honesty and transparency are 2 core values of our business. If we feel your growth objectives are achievable we'll tell you. If they aren't we'll spend time explaining why and providing a forecast that is realistic.

Collaborating this way produces strong working partnerships with our clients. See some of the results we have produced for client by clicking here.

Drop us a line today and we'll see where we can take your brand!

Retail Growth Specialists

For the last 15 years we have been building revenue growth strategies for retail/fashion, insurance and legal brands. It's part of our DNA...

During this time we have had the pleasure of working with some leading brand names from high-end fashion right through to growth-hungry tech insurance brands.

This means that we have worked across a huge spread of audience demographics and international markets. In fact, we have not only operated across the UK but Canada, North and South America, France, Italy, Germany and even out to the Middle East.

That experience has fed into performance marketing revenue growth strategies that we use today. They are constantly shaped by new performance data and channels to ensure we deliver market-leading fast growth for retailers.

Get in touch today to find out more or alternatively please click here to go to visit our case study page.

Our USP: Data & Neuromarketing

A huge point of difference between Hitsearch and our competitors is that we cleverly combine our 15 years' worth of client data, with our Neuroscience department, producing a world-first approach to performance marketing strategy.

We call this system Hitsmart.


Over the past 15 years of working with a huge range of brands, we have amassed a large pot of data. We have built some software that allows this data to be sorted into a number of relevant segments. Let's say for example you are an activewear brand looking to grow revenue from social, to Millenials with high expendable income in the US and the UK. We can, with a click of a button, build a segment of this data that then forms a blueprint for success. We avoid the strategies that show not to have worked and promote those that do. 

So from day 1, progress is made. 


5 years ago, we could see from client campaigns that you can lead a horse to water...

We could see strategies were working, but client's websites were letting us down in both their UX and also identifying and qualifying their audiences better. The more you spend targeting the right audience the better the profitability of your business.

So we invested in some biometric equipment that could better explain problems the users were facing with User Experience (UX) and why conversion rates (CVRs) were so low. Our neuromarketing capabilities were born.

Then we looked to build this out further and set up a lab in our head office where we could bring who we thought was a client's target audience and test these theories out with 'real' people, rather than just a body of data.

This granular insight has seen our client's campaign now fully benefiting from the performance marketing strategies and their revenue growth examples can be seen here.

Get in touch today and realise your business's true revenue growth potential.

Our Work

Daisy London

148% increase in revenue

after incorporating a comprehensive organic search strategy supplementing their other marketing activities.

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Perfect Moment

84% increase in profitable organic revenue in Y1

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Orla Kiely


in the first four months.

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Daisy London

148% increase in revenue

after incorporating a comprehensive organic search strategy supplementing their other marketing activities.

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Orla Kiely


in the first four months.

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Perfect Moment

84% increase in profitable organic revenue in Y1

learn more

At Hitsearch we do things differently, leading our industry with innovative digital marketing tools and techniques - setting us apart from any other performance marketing agency out there.


How do we do this?

As a multi-award-winning performance marketing agency, we are well-equipped to handle any digital marketing campaign no matter the size thanks to our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team of specialists. Accomplishing success in the fashion / retail, financial services, insurance, and legal sectors we have a wealth of expertise to draw from across the areas.


Why are we different to our competitors?

Our determination to constantly push ourselves and what we can offer our clients has led us to design our own unique system, one that allows us to simultaneously combine our fifteen years of experience representing a wide range of clients, with the latest neuroscience technology. We call this system HITSMART.

Performance Marketing: Delivered with Honesty, Curiosity and Creativity with a high ROAS.

Hitsearch is a multi-award-winning performance marketing agency located in the heart of the bustling Liverpool City Centre, perfect for client meetings (and team socialising!). With a 20-strong team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable digital marketing experts, we’re well-equipped to tackle your performance marketing campaigns regardless of size or channel.

Our specialisms fall within the retail, fashion, financial services, insurance marketing and legal sectors, but don’t let that stop you getting in touch, we’ve worked with tonnes of clients outside this remit! We are a team filled with focused, dynamic and passionate creative and technical thinkers, alike, who are ready to transform your business for the better.

As a top performance marketing agency we offer a plethora of services, from paid media, content marketing, blogger outreach, influencer marketing, SEO and we always make good on our promises to deliver high-performing strategic campaigns, digital visibility and relevant audience exposure (our digital PR contacts are second to none!). Our new high tech services include eye tracking and industry leading neuromarketing.

So, get in touch to discuss how our team of performance marketing experts can help improve your brand’s digital tactics and get the revenue growth your business deserves! Whether you’re looking for a performance marketing agency for fashion, are a company wanting support with insurance digital marketing, or an ecommerce brand after retail digital marketing expertise - we can help. You’ll have genuinely interested customers flocking to your site – and converting, more importantly, in no time at all.

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