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About Hitsearch


Who are we?

The Hitsearch journey started in 2007, when co-founders Andy Redfern and Andy Donaldson both found themselves disillusioned with the way that large network agencies operated, and the slow speed of adopting new practices in an industry that changes every day. They decided to join forces to find a better way to handle clients and a different approach to delivering digital services.

Hitsearch was formed out of a desire to deliver meaningful and scalable results to help clients grow at pace, along with wanting to promote a healthy, creative and progressive agency environment for a hardworking team.

Over the years since, Hitsearch has grown to a team of 20 (and counting!) vibrant and hardworking specialists, offering a suite of world-class digital services. Although, as an agency, we’ve evolved with the ever-changing digital landscape around us, our foundations remain firmly in the fundamentals of digital, and the simple purpose of helping our clients reach the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

What do we care about?

At Hitsearch, our company values are very important to us as they underpin everything we do and the way we approach every aspect of agency life. We always try to be:


Transparency and good communication are at the centre of the way we plan, implement and report on campaign activity. Vital to both the way we service our clients and the way our team works internally, we truly believe that candour and integrity are fundamental for success.

Honesty is, honestly, very important to us.



Curiosity may not always work out so well for cats, but we think it’s a great quality for a digital agency to have. We are dedicated to not just taking things at face value, but digging into the who, why, where and what too. Being curious helps us to understand why certain types of activity or campaigns get the results they do, and how things can be tweaked or optimised further to do even better next time.


In the world of digital marketing, where tools, automation and data are part of everyday life, we think it’s really important to remember that the audience we’re helping our clients to reach are all individual people too. Qualities like empathy, personality and humour are innately human, and we believe that this human connection is essential, both with marketing activity and through our internal and external communications.



Where would we be without creativity? We dread to think! For us, being creative is of course about big ideas, imagination and originality, but it’s also about being pragmatic, resourceful, and finding solutions. Even when it comes to the more technical side of what we do day-to-day, we pride ourselves on injecting innovation and creativity into everything we do.


In the world of digital, agility can mean many different things. For example, it can refer to a specific method of project management and delivery, or it can simply be used to describe how quickly an agency reacts to a change in the industry. Here at Hitsearch we strive for agility in all aspects of our approach, and for every area of service to be inherently agile in nature. This means that we react quickly to everything from fast-changing markets or new technology to a quickly moving news agenda or even a global pandemic.


What does this mean for our clients?

Our values as an agency have an impact on everything we do, from how we deliver work for our clients to how we recruit for new team members and help existing staff to grow and progress.

With these values at our core, the services that we deliver for our clients are not only top tier in terms of quality, but clever, realistic and truly bespoke digital solutions, purpose-built for results.

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