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Bebo's KateModern embraces Windows Live Mapping

Bebo's KateModern embraces Windows Live Mapping

Bebo's experimental drama KateModern will be filming a series of live shows in locations across London.

Viewers will participate in the KateModern story; they will be given a daily video clue as part of the show on Bebo, and using Windows Live Maps, it will lead them to a real world location.

Using Live Maps each day, viewers will join the characters at the location to uncover another piece of the plot.

Launched in July and produced by the creators of LonelyGirl15, KateModern (katemodern.bebo.com) is the forerunner of Snack TV, a new form of online TV entertainment that combines bite-size 1-4 minute show episodes with live interaction.

The show, which lives as a video blog on Bebo, has received over 25 million views since its launch.

One of the celebrity stars of the show Ralf Little says, "KateModern is constantly breaking new ground. I'm really looking forward to the live shows and I'm delighted to be a part of such an exciting project that is transforming the way that people are entertained."

See an example of how it works in the video below

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