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The top 5 kitchen must buys!

The top 5 kitchen must buys!

Having recently bought a kitchen online after searching on the term 'buy kitchen online' via Google, it became aparent that there are thousands of options for customers to mull over when deciding whether or not, and indeed what, to buy online. During this process, what became apparent was that very few of these Online Kitchen companies sold products to actually go into the newly finished kitchen!

So here's some of the top things people search for when wanting to fill that new kitchen with the latest gadgets and various kitchen based devices on the market today. I have also inclued the volumes of searches across Google UK to show how popular they really are!

1. 5-Piece kithcen Knife Set = 8,000 searches in May 2009

2. Coffee Grinder = 33,100 searches in May 2009

3. An Electric Milk Frother = 1,000 searches in May 2009

4. Vintage Red Colander = 1,000 searches in May 2009

5. Brushed Stainless Steel Electronic Pepper Mill = 2,900 searches in May 2009

HitSearch can help YOU sell more online kitchens right through to electronic pepper mills! So contact us today on 0845 643 9289 and see how we can transform your business OR click on this link to download a FREE booklet!

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