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Do Consumers Think Microsoft Surface Will End iPad Domination?

Do Consumers Think Microsoft Surface Will End iPad Domination?

A poll conducted by PC Advisor, the computer advice website, recently ran a poll asking its users whether they thought the upcoming Surface tablet from Microsoft would put an end to the iPad's dominance, and the results have been quite surprising.

Nearly 2000 users voted in the poll, which ran for a week on the PC Advisor website, and the final count of votes shows that more than half of its visitors think the new Microsoft Surface device will finally end Apple's stronghold in the tablet market.

A 52 per cent share of the votes were split between the two "yes" themed options; 27 per cent said "Yes, Surface looks fantastic", while 23 per cent voted for "Yes, eventually all Apple innovations are overtaken".

However, the biggest single share of the vote went to "No, Apple iPad is too dominant", with 29 per cent of users choosing this option. The remaining 9 per cent of voters went for "Don't Know".

This poll certainly suggests that opinion is very much split on just how successful the Microsoft Surface will be. Many think that the iPad's reign is coming to an end, while others believe that Apple's share of the marketplace is simply too dominant for anyone else to catch up. Only time will tell, as we wait to see how the Microsoft Surface tablet performs when it is released in October.

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