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Competition for Mobile Domain Heats up as Apple Announce Smaller Cheaper iPad

Technology giants Apple will produce a smaller and cheaper version of the extremely popular iPad, in order to beat fresh competition from the all new Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire, reports suggest.

The new iPad will feature a smaller 7.85 inch screen, while the existing iPad utilises a screen of 9.7 inch screen. It is also believed that the retail price of the item will also be reduced, but as to how much cheaper the product will retail, no information has yet been given, The New York Times explains.

Now, the existing iPad retails for £320.00, but Apple is expected to announce the even more mobile version of the technology later this year, in the wake of a number of new competitors gunning for tablet glory.

Competition for tablet domination has barely begun with the Google Nexus 7 now shipping in the United States, but the Amazon Kindle Fire is already available and the Microsoft Surface will also soon enter the race, following its unveiling earlier this summer.

The decision to pursue a smaller iPad is described as being part of a textbook Apple strategy whereby customers are provided with a choice of iPads in different sizes and with different price tags. It is a similar strategy to the one pursued with the iPod and one that they hope will keep the majority of the buying public connecting with Apple products rather than choosing their competitors.

One time Apple manager Leslie Grandy told the New York Times that a smaller iPad would appeal to people who do not currently carry their around with them, and said that a 7 inch screen would be the perfect size for a woman’s handbag saying "I really do feel like this is the sweet spot for them".

Andrew Redfern, Director of HitSearch said "It remains to be seen whether tablet customers will defect to the increasing number of Apple rivals entering the market. Using the iPod template would seem to be the correct strategy for Apple, since providing a choice of iPad specifications will extend their potential customer demographic.

"It is certainly a very interesting time in the world of mobile technology and tablet computers, but we would expect a smaller, cheaper iPad to prove as popular as most Apple products do".


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