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Chirp App Sends Data Between iPhones Using Sound

A new iPhone app promises to revolutionise how smartphone users share information, as it transfers data between devices using sound.

The Chirp app allows users to send pictures, links and short messages to other Chirp users through the blast of a short, birdsong-like sound clip. When other devices hear this clip, it triggers a download.

While there are similar data transfer apps available such as Dropbox and Bump, these apps require some sort of connection between the two devices. Chirp allows users to transfer data between multiple devices without some sort of connection; every device that picks up the chirp will be able to download the data.

The app is free to use, but companies will be able to purchase add-on services.

Developed by Animal Systems, a spin-off company from University College London, Chirp is only available on iPhones at the moment, although there are plans to develop an Android app in the near future.

Rory Cellan-Jones, the BBC's technology correspondent who reviewed the app last week, said: "It is rare to come across an innovation that immediately makes you go 'wow'. But that was my reaction when I was shown Chirp.

"The simplicity and the sheer fun of an app that chirps information from one phone to another is hugely appealing, both retro and futuristic at the same time."

As it is such a new app, and at the moment only available on one brand of devices, only time will tell how successful Chirp proves to be. But if it does take off, and "chirping" becomes just as commonplace as tweeting, then Chirp could be an innovation in communication, particularly when it comes to online advertising and marketing campaigns.


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