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Andrew Redfern

Facebook Launches New Mobile Ad Unit for Promoting Apps

Facebook has unveiled its second mobile app unit in a matter of months. This latest launch will be introduced in order to promote apps.

The ad unit is designed to help mobile app developers to market themselves. Facebook software engineer, Vijaye Raji, explained within a company blog that the software would initially be tested with a ‘limited set of beta partners.

Users will be directed to new apps by the mobile ad unit. When users click on an ad for an app that they do not already possess, they will be directed to the App Store or Google Play, immediately, for the opportunity to download it.

This new unit will be fully automated and to buy an ad, developers need only to fill out an online form, identify the chosen user demographic they’d like to reach, along with the budget they have to spend. The mobile ad unit will tie into Facebook analytics so that once a unit is purchased, its performance can be tracked and assessed.

There is a proven audience for this kind of ad unit, since Facebook has directed customer to Google Play and the App Store more than 146 million times.

Facebook had previously introduced sponsored stories for its news feed in June, and it is believed that independent studies prove mobile ads to be more effective than desktop equivalents. The scepticism surrounding the effectiveness of Facebook advertising continues amongst many advertisers.

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