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Five Reasons Your Business Should Get Involved in Google+

Although it has yet to threaten the social media stronghold currently held by the likes of Facebook, Google+ is still a rapidly growing social network, and signing up now could pay marketing dividends for your business. With Google holding the monopoly over the global search industry, getting involved in Google+ could have an extremely positive impact on your online visibility.

Here we have identified five of the biggest reasons to get involved in Google+, and the potential benefits your business could reap by doing so.

Priority Search Result Ranking

Google has implemented a number of changes to its search engine functionality in the last year, most notably the introduction of Search plus Your World. Launched in January, this feature makes search results more personal and relevant to the user, and also gives more prominent rankings to other Google+ users.

This is a significant development for businesses, as a Google+ user will be given a more valuable SERP ranking, meaning they will now perform better in search results than their non-Google+ competitors, even if their competitors have higher ranking websites. By joining Google+, your business could benefit from greater SERP visibility and stronger connections with your target audiences, which in turn will boost your conversion rates.

Reaching the Google+ Customer Base

A growing social network gives businesses the opportunity to easily find its target audience, which in turn helps them find a customer base. Google has previously reported over 170 million Google+ users; that is an awful lot of potential customers to be missing out on if you do not have a Google+ page for your business.

It is absolutely crucial that businesses of all sizes take advantage of as many free networking and promotional opportunities as they can. If you are looking to achieve the highest level of cost effective exposure for your brand, you should explore as many avenues as possible through which existing and potential customers can interact with your brand; it is these personal connections that are more likely to create lasting commercial relationships.


Google Hangout allows up to ten people to participate in a live video chat, meaning users can lead group activities such as meeting, classes, focus groups and presentations online, providing a platform for multiple users to engage more actively in group discussions.

Google Hangouts mean businesses can create a more personal connection with their clients/customers, and put a face on their company interactions. Use your Google Hangouts to host presentations, Q&A sessions and more; this way, you can connect with customers and affiliates on a more personal level, and establish your company as an authority within your industry.

Easy to Set Up

You can have your new Google+ page up and running in a matter of minutes, and it does not cost a penny, so you can be increasing your online presence and opening up a greater network of marketing opportunities in next to no time. Take five minutes out of your day to set up your company page on Google+, and gain an instant advantage over your non-Google+ competitors, staying ahead of the curve and gaining higher search rankings in the process.

Reputation Management

Having an established online presence across all social networking sites will give a recognised, authoritative representation of your brand. Furthermore, setting up your own pages on social media sites decreases the possibility of unauthorised persons posing as your brand, which could be seriously detrimental to your online reputation.

Adding Google+ to your company’s social media strategy will enable you to create a strong presence for your brand online, and will increase your company’s client interaction, which in turn will give your reputation management drive a boost.


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