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Andrew Redfern

Improve SEO Link Building by Paying Attention to the Cache Date

A strong link building campaign can improve your site’s search engine optimisation, or SEO, performance, but if you don’t pay attention to the cache date of the site from which you purchase a link, you could be throwing away part of your budget.

Cache date is an important indication of the value of a link, and its effect on your search engine marketing, or SEM, strategy. The more frequently that the cache date is updated, the greater value the link holds, because the cache date is the date on which the website was last scanned by search engine crawlers.

When the crawler visits the site, the search engine issues an ‘If-Modified-Since' request. The crawler then downloads the contents of the page unless a 304 (not modified) is returned. The more frequently the site is scanned, the more useful placing a link on the site will be, and the greater the value that can be placed on the link.

Some SEOs place so much stock in the importance of the cache date, they rank it as being even more important than the site’s Google PageRank. The reason for this is that if a site with a stronger PageRank is not cached until much later than a site with a lower PageRank, one might as well have had an active visible link of the supposedly weaker site; a link that will be recognised by Google.

When considering a link purchase it is extremely important to consider PageRank as an important factor. Doing so is extremely simple. All you have to do is search for “cache:URL”, but substitute URL for the actual page address. The more recent the cache date, the potentially better the link.

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