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Facebook Rumoured to be Launching New Search Engine

The associated press are reporting that social networking giant Facebook will launch an all new search engine function to intensify the battle with its rival Google Inc.

Speculation is mounting after Facebook invited journalists and bloggers to a press event held today, which has been shrouded in mystery. An improved search function for the social network seems to be the most likely announcement, and one that the majority of Facebook users would welcome. For this reason, many are speculating that the site will unveil a more robust search engine, which offers the user a better way to sift through the site to find the people, businesses, events and more, which are listed on the site.

Another possible announcement could be changes to the much debated Facebook advertising strategy. Since the company’s initial public offering last year, many businesses have questioned the true worth of advertising through Facebook. The company itself has been working hard to improve its advertising structure for mobile since many of its users access the network on smartphones and tablets.

In terms of mobile advertising, Facebook sits second to Google in the US mobile advertising market, but not a close second by any means. The eMarketer research organisation estimates that Facebook commands an 8.8% share of the market, whilst Google boasts 56.6%. The Facebook share is expected to grow in 2013 to some 12.2%, but this still leaves them a long way behind the search engine giant.

Whatever they announce at the mysterious press event will likely be making tech headlines for days to come. Join us again for an update on this story when we have it.


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