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Andrew Redfern

Google Panda Strikes Again with 1.2% of Search Queries Affected

Search engine leaders Google have announced the latest update to the Google Panda algorithm, which marks the 24th refresh since it was introduced.

Google Panda updates have been introduced at regular intervals since its inception on 24 February 2011, and always have a noticeable effect on search listings. Around four weeks passes between updates, which means the latest Google Panda refresh is right on schedule.

Until yesterday, the last Google Panda update took place on 21 December 2012. On that occasion, Google Panda update number 23 affected 1.3% of search engine queries in English. Last week, there were reports of another update which Google, at that point, denied.

Upon confirming the latest update, Google advised that 1.2% of English language search queries would be impacted upon. A significant change, then, but not close to the impact of the early stages of the Google Panda era. When Google Panda was introduced, 11.8% of queries were affected, though only in the US.

The Google Panda algorithm update was introduced to take action against content farms, gaining top search engine listings with shallow or low quality content.

Google Panda has been a regular headline maker since it charged onto the SEO battlefield because, while most algorithm changes are so subtle that they pass unnoticed, Google Panda had an unmistakable widespread effect, and many companies lost a lot of ground for their target keywords.

Most regular Google Panda updates affect around 1% of search queries, give or take, but the golden rule remain the same. Create original, keyword rich content.

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