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Google Panda Update Celebrates 2nd Birthday

The Google Panda update was first introduced two years ago to encourage higher quality content on sites in Google search results, and punish sites with poor quality or unoriginal content, by dropping them down the listings.

Two years and many updates later the victims of early Google Panda updates are striving to recover from a drop in online visibility by following Google's advice for creating better quality content. Some businesses have been forced to alter their entire business plan in order to rely less upon their Google position to drive traffic and earn business. Strategies for doing so include greater social media activity and more online partnerships.

Since Google remains so important in connecting many companies to their target audience or consumer demographic, the production of high quality, original and keyword rich content is fundamental to any SEO strategy. But aligning traditional SEO tactics with an active social media presence is proving to be the most successful course of action, in maintaining a healthy web presence in the midst of frequent Google Panda updates.

While Google Penguin earned headlines in 2012, Google continued to unleash frequent consistent Google Panda updates. The latest Panda update took place in January 2013, and the company claimed that the update affected 1.2% of English language search queries.


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