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Andrew Redfern

Google Panda Update 25 Rumoured to Have Landed

Google may have introduced its next Panda Update, according to reports online. The latest Google Panda update to hit would be the 25th in total, after the search giant announced last week that the algorithm would be incorporated into Google's regular overall algorithm updates.

Whilst the first 24 Google Panda updates were all accompanied by official announcements or confirmations from in house, many believe that the latest update could have slipped the net, following Matt Cutts' statement last week that Google Updates were unlikely to be announced; having been integrated into their continuing indexing process.

Without a statement from the company it is difficult for analysts and SEO commentators to confirm whether any alteration would represent the last manual update or refresh of Google Panda, or if the change is in fact the first instance of Panda becoming a part of the search algorithm's ongoing refreshes.

The last confirmed Google Panda update was announced as having taken place on 22 January 2013, with 1.2% of English language queries affected. A subsequent update, taking place around 15 March 2013 would be the 25th. Cutts teased the update at SMX West, but this did not serve as an official confirmation. He also explained that Panda refreshes would roll out over a series of days, and official word followed, from a Google spokesperson to explain that the company would not be likely to confirm or announce any changes that took place.

One effect of a gradual roll out would be that subsequent Google Panda updates would be less abrupt and apparent.

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