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Google Penguin Updates Becoming Stricter

According to a recent study by a prominent internet marketing company, Google is steadily reducing its tolerance of webspam, with Google likely to penalise sites with just 50% suspicious links in their link profiles.

When Google Penguin was introduced, a site required 80% suspicious links in their link profile before a penalty was incurred. This means that Google's tolerance has decreased by 30% and Google Penguin updates are becoming stricter.

Some in the SEO community are concerned that the trend for lower tolerance of spammy links could continue. But the question is how low will Google go?

The new follows a lot of speculation this week regarding another high profile Google update.

Rumours have been circulating that a 25th Google Panda update might have landed, but no official confirmation from Google has been received; and none is likely to be forthcoming, after the search giant confirmed that they would no longer announce Google Panda Updates.

Instead, Panda refreshes will be incorporated into Google's overall ongoing algorithm updates, and would likely be rolled out over several days, with a less direct and visible effect.

Google's Matt Cutts announce the changed to the way Panda Updates were handled, whilst speaking at last week's SMX West. In addition, a spokesperson for the company later explained to a leading SEO news service that Google would no longer tweet about or confirm any Panda activity.

So, the Panda is not quite in hibernation, but it is in hiding, and any subsequent updates are likely to pass under the SEO radar.

Meanwhile, Google Panda becomes ever stricter in its bid to punish link spam.

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