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Facebook Launches Home App for Android Devices

Social networking giant Facebook has unveiled its latest technological venture; a mobile app that will turn any Android smartphone into a fully integrated Facebook device.

Facebook Home is a smartphone app that can be downloaded to Android handsets, and will act as a "wrapper" for the phone, putting all of the user's Facebook notifications, images and messages directly onto the home screen.

Rather than having to open up apps and navigate through menus, users with Facebook Home will be able to see, and interact with, all of their activity on the social networking site directly through the home screen on their Android device.

The aim of the new Facebook Home program, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is to put users, not software, at the heart of the smartphone experience.

Speaking at the launch event at Facebook's HQ in Silicon Valley, California, Zuckerberg said: "We are not building a phone, and we are not building an operating system, but we are building something that is a whole lot deeper than an ordinary app.

"We wanted to flip things around so our phones were designed around people and not apps. We have our phones with us all the time and we want to know more what's happening to our friends.

"How many times have you pulled out a phone and looked into different apps to see what's going on? We want to bring all this content to the front."

Facebook Home will be made available through the Google Play Store from 12th April, and can be downloaded on phones running Android 4.0 or higher. A handset from HTC is set to be launched later this month that will be the first phone to have Facebook Home as a pre-loaded app.

It is thought that one of the biggest drives for Facebook Home is the prospect of further developing the market of mobile advertising. Facebook has yet to figure out a method of pushing personalised ads to users on mobile, in the same way it does on Facebook when viewed on a desktop.


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