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Andrew Redfern

Twitter Launches Two Step Authentication to Combat Hacking

Twitter has introduced a two-step authentication process which it hopes will prevent accounts on the social network being taken over by hackers.

When the "2FA" feature is enabled, any attempt to log into an account from a new device will require an authentication code, which will be sent to the account holder's mobile phone. Even with the correct password, any login attempt from a new device without the authentication code will fail.

The move follows a number of high-profile hackings in recent months, particularly those performed by a group known as the Syrian Electronic Army. In April, the group accessed the Associated Press account and posted a false tweet claiming US President Barack Obama had been injured in a bomb attack.

The SEA has also hacked the accounts of other global news organisations, such as the Guardian, the BBC and the Financial Times.

Jim O'Leary of Twitter's Product Security Team wrote in a blog post: "Much of the server-side engineering work required to ship this feature has cleared the way for us to deliver more account security enhancements in the future.

"Of course, even with this new security option turned on, it's still important for you to use a strong password and follow the rest of our advice for keeping your account secure."

Twitter has been under increasing pressure to bolster its security measures in the face of the aforementioned high-profile hackings, especially as the social network is becoming more and more important to high ranking individuals and organisations who boast huge numbers of followers.

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