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Google Boasts 74% Market Share of US Search Ad Revenue

Google continues to earn the lion's share of US search ad revenue, according to the latest figures from a leading authority on digital marketing, and the search giant's share is predicted to grow in the future.

The web's leading search engine currently boasts a US market share of 74% the combined ad revenue of the search industry. But Google's dominance means that there is worse news for the competition, particularly Microsoft.

According to the latest estimates from eMarketer, Microsoft, the owners of the Bing search engine will earn more search ad revenue this year than last, but a revised prediction of $890 million is markedly lower than an original estimate of $1.84 billion.

The latest revenue projections slash Microsoft's US market share in half, from 9.3% to 4.6%. On the bright side, with ad revenue expected to grow by 34%, Microsoft is considered to have one of the fastest growing ad revenues in the industry, second only to Amazon.

According to the report, Amazon ad revenue is expected to grow by 46.8% this year.

Unfortunately for everybody else, however, Google's overwhelming dominance of total ad revenue is only expected to increase. eMarketer expects Google search ad revenue to increase to a 76% majority by 2015.

Yahoo remains in the silver medal spot, with revenues predicted to reach $1.15 billion this year, increasing to $1.5 billion in 2015. Overall, the US search advertising market is expected to generate $19.49 billion, a 12.4% increase on last year.


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