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Andrew Redfern

No Egg on Our Faces as HitSearch Calls it Right at BGT Final

We certainly weren't the only ones who called it right, but it's worth mentioning that the HitSearch Reputation Management software successfully predicted the winner of the Britain's Got Talent Final 2013, but not even we could have predicted the biggest story of the night.

It seems that even the Hungarian shadow dancers Attraction were overshadowed by an impromptu act that might have been voted through to the final in its own right: a young woman throwing eggs at Simon Cowell. Unfortunately, it took place during a performance by fellow finalists Richard and Adam. Nicola Holt, 30, was a member of the brothers' backing band and seized her moment when the boys were mid-way through a belting classical version The Impossible Dream.

Unfortunately, their dream of winning the telly talent show proved to be just that. They might have had a hard time toppling Attraction in the first place, but Holt's admittedly 'silly' intervention certainly didn't help. In the end, the lads finished third behind young comedian Jack Carroll.

The 14 year old cerebral palsy sufferer claimed a legion of fans during the show and judge David Walliams singled him out for praise in the aftermath of the show.

But it was the avant garde shadow performers Attraction that we predicted would prove the most popular, and that is precisely how it went.

Throughout the 2013 series of Britain's Got Talent, HitSearch Reputation Management software collected thousands of tweets which mentioned the show, in addition the analysing the various data contained within. This allowed the system to divide the information by various criteria, in order to provide feedback on the popularity of the show's performers, the sentiment of the viewing public and much more.

With Attraction mentioned in more than 27% of all Britain's Got Talent related tweets, more than any other performer, there was reason to suggest that the troupe would earn a place at the Royal Variety Performance, and that is exactly what happened on Saturday night in front of a rapturous studio audience.

One grumpy, violinist with a carton of eggs might have stolen their limelight on the night, but we're sure to see plenty more from them on our screens and our social networks in the months to come.

HitSearch Reputation Management software can capture any brand's "buzz" and divide it into positive and negative opinion. By searching billions of information sources, such as blogs, message boards, forums, news sites, (as well as social media giants Twitter, Facebook and Google+) this innovative reputation management service provides the most in-depth, real-time knowledge available to a brand.

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