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How to defend your Hotel or Resort from negative reviews on Trip Advisor

Think of when you last booked a holiday, what were the steps that you went through before you finally made a booking?

You may have always wanted to visit a particular country of city and now have opportunity to make that holiday dream come true. However you want to make sure that when you get there you are not going to be stuck in a fleapit of a hotel with dirty rooms and surly staff.

For many travellers looking at review sites is becoming an essential part of their holiday booking decision. If a hotel or resort has great reviews from happy guests then it makes prospective guests much more comfortable making a booking.

However if a hotel has many poor reviews then would you want to risk your dream holiday becoming a nightmare by booking into a hotel where many people have had bad experiences? People use the views of others to make their decisions and they do this because in general other people's experiences will be reflected in their own.

For hotel owners this can become a problem as many have reported problems with reviewers on Trip Advisor and other review sites posting reviews that are either fake or greatly exaggerate problems that they may have experienced.

Now if you have 100 reviews of your hotel and only a handful of bad reviews then there is no reason to worry, everybody knows those odd people who are never satisfied and will always complain and will judge your hotel on the majority of reviews not on a small minority.

However if your hotel has more bad than good reviews then it is perhaps time to engage with Trip Advisor and see if you can change those bad reviews into good reviews.

First of all be honest when reading the reviews, is there anything as a hotel owner that you can learn from them? Use Trip Advisor as a customer services tool, take what information you can from it and improve the service you provide, if you do this it will not be long before the reviews get better.

Use the management responses facility to engage with the reviewers, thank the positive reviews and respond to the negative reviews in a positive way. Everyone understands that sometimes things go wrong however if an owner engages in a positive way on review sites then that will be a sign to potential future visitors that any issues will be dealt with in a constructive manner.

Trip Advisor also holds out the possibility that if reviews breach their guidelines then they will remove the reviews in question. Therefore it is essential that owners familiarise themselves with the Trip Advisor guidelines for traveller reviews.

Many of the more extreme reviews would fall foul of these guidelines however owners need to report these reviews to Trip Advisor and provide details of why the review breaches the posting guidelines and therefore should be removed.

The guidelines state reviews must contain no profanity, be written by actual travellers, relevant to other travellers, be unique and independent, original and submitted for the correct property. Trip Advisor will also remove reviews that contain Hearsay or any reviews about something the reviewer did not experience.

If you feel some negative reviews of your hotel or resort contravenes these conditions then get in touch with Trip Advisor, in our experience they are more amenable than many hotel owners think.

If you feel you would like some help with this process or you require a wider ranging Reputation Management solution for your business then contact http://www.hitsearchlimited.com/ to discuss your requirements.


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