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Andrew Redfern

Man of Steel Tweets from Women Double after Viewers Get an Eyeful of the New Superman

Last week we reported that the HitSearch Reputation Management Software would be recording data on thousands of 'Superman' and 'Man of Steel' tweets to assess whether the movie would be popular with film fans on Twitter, and demonstrate what this innovative software could do.

The big budget, action spectacular had not yet screened when we published that article, but already the 'buzz' surrounding the movie seemed overwhelmingly positive. Unsurprisingly, this buzz was even more overwhelmingly male.

As with most superhero smackdowns, the demographic that was buzzing about the Man of Steel was almost exclusively male, but in an interesting turn of events in the week since the film opened, the number of women tweeting about Superman has more than doubled. This could have something to do with blockbuster’s leading man.

Many movie sites have been reporting that the latest incarnation of Superman, Britain's own Henry Cavill is proving extremely popular with female cinemagoers. One blog has even taken to republishing the day's most manic fan tweets about the star; whose Twitter fame has risen, faster than a speeding bullet, to A-Lister heights.

It seems the combination of Henry's superhuman physique, and that tight blue superhero suit, might have encouraged more female Twitter users to join the conversation. In truth, the increase might simply have more to do with the fact that the movie is really rather good.

A week after its release and the movie is still proving popular with Twitter users. More than 70% of tweets about the movie carry a positive tone. At 30%, that’s slightly more negative tweets than last week, but it’s hard to please everybody, especially since the film’s controversial ending has divided viewers.

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