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5 Simple Ways to get More from Content Marketing

UK online marketing experts, HitSearch, recently published an all new Content Marketing Handbook, to provide clients and other interested web users with a simple and engaging way to wrap their head around this important marketing concept.

In the wake of the latest Google Penguin and Google Panda updates, a creative content marketing strategy is more important to a brand's online presence than ever before; regardless of their industry. With some preparation, and a little know how, even the smallest local companies could benefit from increased visibility online and greater traffic volumes to the site.

Here, you'll find 5 simple ways to get more from your online content marketing campaign.

1. Know Your Audience - If you're going to create compelling content, you first need to understand who you're creating it for. Who is the target demographic, where can they be found online, and perhaps most importantly what do they need? Understanding this need is fundamental to content marketing.

2. Be Useful - The most successful commercial content addresses the needs of the prospective customer and provides solutions to their problems. Businesses need to demonstrate the value of their brand, so that their audience returns when they enter the buying phase. Plus, useful content is more likely to be shared amongst web users. But content can be useful in a number of different ways.

3. Educate, Editorialise or Entertain - By teaching your audience a lesson, content makers create a bond of trust between brand and customer. The lesson could help the customer get more from a product or service, or could illuminate why the customer needs those products or services, without becoming overtly sales-y. Editorial content allows a company to present their opinion or perspective on a hot topic within their industry. This allows the business to enforce their expertise, making the argument in favour of their products more compelling. But content can also simply be entertaining, and while this might seem less useful, it is proven to maximise the sharing potential of the product and encourage the audience to come back for more.

4. Immerse Yourself - It isn't enough to simply produce great content, you have to get it out into the world and the internet is the most powerful tool we've ever had for doing so. But the internet has also shifted the balance of power in the selling argument, and it is now a two way conversation. So, once you know your audience, you have to become one of their peers. Identify the most popular industry blogs and online communities, join groups and familiarise yourselves with the thought leaders and most trusted voices in your niche.

5. Share Your Content - Once you know your online community, you can create content which is tailored to their needs, but this is no good unless they can see that content, so share it with them. Don't keep the content for your company blog or website, when many potential customers won't see it. Instead expand its visibility by distributing the content through multiple channels and encourage your audience to share it with their peers on social media. The relationships you build with thought leaders and popular journalists will pay off here, because they can help your content reach its target demographic. Ask these people what content they are looking for, and then provide it to them, and benefit from the added exposure this will provide.

The HitSearch Content Marketing Handbook is now available from the company site, where businesses can also enjoy a free Search Engine Optimisation Assessment of their website. All they have to do is provide their domain name and target keywords and HitSearch will provide an analysis of their website and a detailed competitor study.


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