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Andrew Redfern

Google Enhanced Adwords Campaigns Coming Soon – Be Prepared

Google Enhanced Adwords campaigns are due to be rolled out on 22 July 2013, and it is important to be aware of the changes and how they will affect you.

With the new Enhanced Campaigns, Google will display your company's Adwords ads across all devices, including desktops, mobiles and tablets, and it is important to update your account to Enhanced Campaigns and make changes to your ads to get the most from your campaign. Some have claimed that many customers are experiencing a rise in cost per click since updating to Enhanced Campaigns, and this means that companies need to revise their PPC strategy, decide whether to favour mobile shoppers or desktops shoppers and adapt their spending to reflect this.

The first step is to get your head around the new campaigns, how they work and why Google is making the changes.

Google Enhanced Campaigns allow users to create ads with headlines, messages and landing pages which cater to customers searching on a desktop, and separate ads for customers searching on mobile. They can then select that customers view the mobile optimised ad when using a mobile device. This allows customers to easily manage complex targeting, bidding and multiple platform ads within the same campaign, reducing the overall number of campaigns that you have to manage.

Small companies with simple campaigns will find it quick and easy to migrate to Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns, but companies with complicated campaigns could spend many hours merging computer only with mobile only campaigns.

When you make the change to Google Enhanced Adwords Campaigns you select a mobile bid adjustment, which instructs Google on whether to bid more or less competitively for searches from mobile devices. Choose 'mobile bid adjustment' from the edit panel and choose a value from -90% to +300%, or choose -100% to opt out of mobile bidding.

So will Enhanced Campaigns cost more per click? The answer is that bid inflation is a valid concern, but the most important thing to remember is that the system remains an auction based system. Enhanced Campaigns do not change the way your PPC campaign works.

All you have to do is ensure that you make the necessary changes to your account before 22 July, because Google will not make them for you if it migrates your account automatically. At the very least users should migrate their campaigns and select a mobile bid modifier, with a -20% to -50% drop.

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