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Google Adword Enhanced Campaigns Go Live for All, so What Does This Mean for PPC?

Google Adword Enhanced Campaigns were launched today for all Adwords users, in the biggest single change of the system since its inception. The overhaul allows Pay Per Click marketers to run ad campaigns across multiple devices, including desktop and mobile, but what do Enhanced Campaigns mean for the PPC industry, particularly regarding the mobile Cost Per Click?

With the rise and rise of mobile search, making it necessary for even the most basic of PPC campaigns to cater to mobile, Enhanced Campaigns from Google Adwords makes it easier than ever to set up campaigns which cater to all devices. This means that even companies that haven’t worked hard to generate brand visibility on mobile, can enjoy a shortcut for getting it.adwords-advanced

But many commentators in the PPC world have expressed concern about the impact that these campaigns will have on the average mobile cost per click, and many who migrated to the software ahead of time have already seen costs spike.

As of today, all Adwords users will automatically move over to the new Enhanced version, and businesses could see PPC costs skyrocket, if they’re not aware of the changes and the way their campaigns are affected.

Enhanced Campaigns allow users to run multi channel ads through a single campaign with keyword bids automatically adjusted to cater to different locations, times of day and types of devices. Without manually editing each campaign, advertisers can run versions of ads with different ad text, site links, and can raise or lower their bids depending upon the time of day, the proximity of the user or the device that they’re searching on.

But it isn’t all good news. For starters, tablet and desktop targeting options have been merged into one, and advertisers can no longer target a specific handset device. The more proactive mobile advertisers worked hard in this area and reaped the benefits, so you can understand their frustration with the latest guise of the software.

Since ads will appear for all mobile operating systems rather than a selection costs are likely to automatically increase for this reason alone. In addition, more mobile advertisers means increased competition and that means higher bidding. Of course, many view the change to cater to mobile search absolutely necessary, and since the proliferation of mobile usage shows no signs of slowing down, companies have to adapt their strategies appropriately.

But what do you think? Is the risk of a hike in mobile CPC a necessary evil, or is it just plain evil?


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