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Facebook Beats Expectations with Mobile Revenue up to 41% of Total Ad Income

facebookmobile Facebook has posted its second quarter earnings and revenue has exceeded the expectations of analysts, but the real news is the continued growth of mobile.

The social media giant has reported earnings per share of 13 cents on revenue of $1.81 billion, which is better than predictions of 14 cents on revenue of $1.62 billion.

But when this revenue is broken down, we see that mobile ad revenue now accounts for 41% of the whole, which is up from 30% from last quarter. That’s quite a big jump in three short months and it’s a positive response to critics who said that the company wouldn’t fare well in a shift from desktop to mobile usage.

Historically, like many companies, Facebook relied upon ads that were optimised for desktop users, but in the past year the aim has shifted to focus predominantly on mobile use. Part of this process involved the development of brand new mobile advertising products like mobile app installation ads aimed at app developers.

The number of regular Facebook users also continues to rise. Daily users now number 699 million, up 27% year on year. But the monthly number of active users has also grown and currently stands at 1.15 billion, up 21% year on year. Of this figure, the number of active users on mobile is up a whopping 51% to 819 million.

Great news for Facebook, and enough to convince advertisers that mobile is the way to go when plugging their brands on the social network.


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