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Are Your Search Ads Smartwatch Ready?

samsung-galaxy-gear-635Since childhood many of us have dreamed of owning a hi-tech watch gizmo which we could talk to and now we can…as long as we have the right Galaxy Android devices to go with it.

Yes, Samsung has unveiled its hotly anticipated smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear. In doing so they’ve beaten rivals Microsoft, Apple and Google to the punch, but the catch is that the watch will only really work as an accessory to other Galaxy Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The company are currently the world’s best selling smartphone maker, which means there are a lot of people out there who can enjoy the Gear once the gadget goes on sale on 25 September.

It had previously been reported that sales of the company’s popular smartphone had been slowing with investors keen for the company to pull another trump card and kick off another sales boom.

The question for online marketers, particularly in the paid search industry, is how long before their ads will have to be optimised for wristwatch?

Because the rise and rise of mobile technology has caused a shift in the way that PPC works. Savvy advertisers embraced mobile advertising early and the rest were forced to follow. But it isn’t just an issue for PPC managers.

Widespread use of smartphones and tablets means that entire websites have to be optimised for mobile usage; and industry professionals can also see the Google Glass on the horizon which poses a new set of problems itself.

How much of a problem is a source of debate. Desktop internet usage is generally still higher than mobile usage by most calculations, but only since mobile internet use became commonplace did most advertisers address the medium and commit their budgets to it.

What remains to be seen is whether wearable tech, like smartwatches and smartspecs, will ever be commonplace tools for web use. In the meantime, those of us who have already joined Team Samsung can look forward to accessorising our phone with a futuristic watch.

Mission: almost accomplished.


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