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Lewis Moulds

It’s Back – Yahoo Answers Gets a Makeover for Mobile


1235291_10152477125553484_406682313_nCould a newly mobile ready Yahoo Answers be an SEO lifeline for online brands and businesses with information to push?

Yahoo Answers, the search engine’s social site and Q&A network, has been updated to optimise the site for mobile usage, and improve the site’s social networking capabilities.

In Yahoo’s heyday, Answers was a thriving network of information, before being allowed to stagnate. Many believe that the site remains the definitive question and answer service on the internet. Unfortunately, the turbulent years since have seen the site neglected.

Now, however, Yahoo’s recent revival under CEO Marissa Mayer has reached the Yahoo Answers property. Like other Yahoo products, the new Answers system will boast a new and improved user experience and mobile optimisation.

Users will be able to add images and videos. Effectively, Yahoo Answers is Yahoo’s answer to the social networking conundrum; providing an opportunity to compete with Facebook and Google+.

The idea is to realise the great potential of the property. If the quality of the Yahoo Answers site continues to increase it could be a major win for the brand, as well as being a fantastic resource for web users keen to tap into a wealth of shared knowledge.

A fit and firing Yahoo Answers will also be a major boon to the SEO industry, since improving the quality of the site’s content, engaging more active users and increasing search volume is likely to make Answers content even more prominent in SERPS from other major search engines, like Google.

The more visible Yahoo Answers becomes, the more of a valuable SEO tool it will be.

For now, analysts can only speculate since the updated Yahoo Answers has not yet gone live.

What do you think? Could Yahoo Answers be the SEO industry’s new secret weapon? Will users embrace the platform once again? Or are the changes no more than a face lift?

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