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HitSearch Launches Health and Safety Survey for Major B2B Client

surveyHitSearch has launched an all new survey which asks the UK public how safe they feel at work.

The survey is being carried out on behalf of a major business to business client, and the aim is to create an overview of how health and safety legislation, and general workplace safety, are perceived by the public; and how their attitudes differ by age, location and other factors.

The survey questionnaire can be completed here, and we are urging the public to take part because health and safety in the workplace is an issue which affects the vast majority of us.

Some spout the cliché “health and safety gone mad”, others think health and safety law is a necessary evil; and other don’t think it’s evil at all. The purpose of the survey is to establish which view takes precedence, and whether this is affected by region or industry.

As online marketing experts, digital surveys are just a small part of the service we offer and we have experience of carrying out surveys and analysing the results for B2B and B2C clients alike.

Only recently, we carried out a survey for a home improvement firm, which proved to be insightful for the client and the general public.

Online surveys are a cost effective way for businesses of any size, in any sphere, to conduct tailor made research which can be used to gain insight into the needs and tastes of their target demographic, and can also be used to create eye-catching content for company websites and online PR.

Conducting online surveys cuts the time and cost of the process by more than half, when compared to traditional surveying methods. But automation also ensures that results are more accurate; while the anonymity that comes with completing a survey online means that participants are generally more honest.

The results of these surveys can be analysed at any time in seconds; and can be used as the basis of calls to action, PR articles, infographics and much more. Importantly, the survey questionnaire can be amended at any time; while text, colours and images can be used to ensure that the survey is appealing to the audience you’re hoping to reach.

So why choose an award winning online marketing partner to conduct your research? In truth, there are a number of reasons; not least that you’ll benefit from a bank of experience and expertise.

We know what makes a survey successful, and we know how to engage the intended participants to get the right results. By engaging respondents before they fill out the questionnaire, using online PR and email newsletters, we can optimise the chances of getting the desired outcome.

Once the data is collected we can help you to use it in the best way. We have experience in conducting customer satisfaction surveys and insight driven research, but can also conduct data to support your advertising strategies, and sales arguments.

Talk to the team at HitSearch about your research requirements today, in addition to an array of other digital marketing strategies.


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