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Google Analytics Update – HitSearch Team Give Their Views on New Features

The Google Analytics Summit 2013 was the platform from which the search giant announced the addition of 14 new analytics products. Now, the team at HitSearch has offered their take on some of the most significant features included.


The theme of this year’s Summit was Access, Empower, Act and the latest Analytics update is intended to allow users to do just that: to provide people with the right data and give them the tools required to act on this data; making the right decisions for their business.

Brilliant new additions to Google Analytics included Google Play integration with Mobile App Analytics and new and improved segmentation of data. But it was a selection of other features which caught the eye at HitSearch HQ and here some of the team give their thoughts on the changes.

Will they benefit SEO agencies or webmasters and if so – how?

Stuart Brandwood says:

One of the more interesting ideas is the Google Tag Manager: Auto Event Tracking feature. Event tracking is a superb way of gaining a deeper understanding of how visitors behave once they’re on a site.

It’s always worthwhile to monitor things like PDF views or video plays or specific out-click routes. Reducing the need for on-page changes will make this simpler and open the feature up to greater usage.

The Acquisition, Behaviors & Conversions section is very much the bread and butter for webmasters who are looking to promote their sites online. The way this new Analytics version handles & presents this information will be vital to the usability and usefulness of Analytics as a whole. All eyes will be on this section.

Our web-programming guys were also happy to hear talk of a new APIs For Enterprise version. HitSearch do a lot of API for things like AdWords management, and our Reputation Management software. But the previous version of the Analytics API frustrated a lot of their efforts to create streamlined reporting systems. So this addition is good news.

Andrew Adams says:

Audience Reporting is one area which may have been borrowed from various display networks such as Facebook’s advertising model. It allows Analytics users to get reports on key demographic data such as gender, age group and interests.

Google’s take on this is that high street retailers can see the type of customer coming through their doors but online retailers haven’t been so lucky. Until now, they’ve relied on online surveys & clues left in feedback forms.
This move is something we’re very interested. Agencies like HitSearch & site owners too are keen to know the kind of audience that their site attracts. Knowing this can influence entire marketing campaigns and even brand identity and voice. So, it’s a very welcome addition that will help companies find their niche and have a clear direction in which to grow.

With so many recent updates to the Analytics platform Google has now launched ‘Analytics Academy’. The free course provides users with an introduction to the new features and a chance to get to grips with the new system.
Join up today and in three weeks you could learn all about Digital Analytics Fundamentals.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you up to date with all of the most important changes coming out of Google, including Google Hummingbird and the recent expansion of Secure Search.


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