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The Benefits of Professional PPC to Your SME

PPC and advertising concept in word tag cloudResearch by PPC software firm, Wordstream, claims that small to medium sized business which run their own paid search campaigns waste on average 25% of their budget. So, could your SME benefit from the expertise of a professional PPC partner?

The company reviewed the AdWords accounts of 500 SME’s and found that businesses were wasting a quarter of their PPC budget because of basic mismanagement or a lack of strategy. Many simply left their paid search accounts to run because they didn’t fully understand the system or could not find the time to manage it.

According to Hanna Dymond, PPC Manager at HitSearch, SME’s are so busy with their particular industry, it’s hard to commit time and energy to a PPC campaign too.

She said: "As an agency, we monitor every individual PPC campaign and ad group on a daily basis and make appropriate changes to each account based on monthly spend and specific keyword performance. This approach takes time; time which many small businesses haven’t got.

"With a professional PPC partner, SME’s can be confident that their PPC campaign is performing to a high level, while they focus on the bread and butter of their own products and services."

Hanna also explained that as PPC evolved and became more sophisticated, businesses with other priorities might struggle to stay up to speed.

"Match types are becoming more complicated," she explained, "and the rise of mobile advertising means that PPC spend must be strategically divided between desktop ads and those optimised for other devices.

"That’s why more and more companies are turning to the experts to run their campaigns".

It all boils down to getting the best return on investment; and not just by improving the performance of your PPC. An agency will also free up a company’s workforce to boost their own bottom line.

Andy Donaldson, Director of Hitsearch said: "Aside from the time investment needed to run a successful campaign, targeting PPC ads can be a huge opportunity or a way of wasting large chunks of budget.

"Agencies use these tools on a day to day basis. They’re in a much better position to spend budgets accurately, and in a controlled fashion, but still achieve clients’ targets".

For more information, visit http://hitsearchlimited.com or call 0845 643 9289.


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