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Google Trusted Stores Accreditation Gives Online Retailers the Edge Over Competitors


Keen-eyed Google users may have noticed a new addition to some Product Listing Ads over the last few days. A small tick logo (pictured right),now appears beside selected stores’ product ads.

This is the newly launched Google Trusted Store accreditation. Google will grant Trusted Store status to retail sites that show they can ship their products in a quick, reliable manner, with plenty of positive feedback from their customers.

The all new feature could have a massive bearing on an online store’s success in the crucial Christmas run-in.

In return for the Trusted Stores accreditation, retailers will grant Google access to a massive amount of their business data. This will include number of items sold, shipment times, customer emails, customer feedback, and other data.

As well as giving retailers an edge over their competitors, the Google Trusted Store system aims to give consumers added confidence when making purchases online. Indeed, Google promises to reimburse customers up to $1000 if a Trusted Store fails to live up to its expectations.

There is an application process that businesses must go through in order to have the Google Trusted Store accreditation added to their PLA listing. This involves making certain minor changes to your online store, such as adding an in-house delivery system to regularly transfer information to Google.

Andrew Redfern, Director of HitSearch Limited, said: “The Google Trusted Stores stamp could allow retailers to steal a march on their competitors; at least until those competitors catch on and get their own.

“Search users will benefit from a fast and simple way to choose a reliable supplier. Google will benefit from a goldmine of data.

“We work with a number of online retailers and this feature is something that we would recommend to all, provided it becomes available to UK businesses.”

Google Trusted Stores is only available to US online stores at the moment, but it is sure to be rolled out worldwide if it proves to be a success.

In any case, it is definitely something that UK retailers should bear in mind, particularly in the run up to the festive period. If you can offer quick, reliable shipping, and flawless customer service, your business is on the right track for earning the prized Google tick, if and when it becomes available.


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