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X Factor Luke in Twitter Spike Following Sing Off Survival & Shock Makeover

luke-friend-mX Factor hopeful Luke Friend has been busy this week and so has his barber -- but the show’s Twitter community have also been busy; having their say on the stories of the week and making Luke the most popular contestant on the show.

Hit Search Reputation Management records mentions of X Factor on Twitter and then analyses them to create reports on the public’s perception of the singers and their judges.

This week, more Twitter users mentioned Luke Friend than any other contestant. Of more than 100,000 tweets recorded, 25 percent mentioned Luke, with the lions’ share coming in at the beginning of the week.

Monday’s are always bursting with X Factor talk on Twitter, and this Monday a lot of that talk concerned Luke. He enjoyed a high of 40 percent in terms of Twitter mentions, and this is likely the result of Luke’s dramatic sing-off victory over Sam Callahan.

Hunky singer Sam produced his very best performance in the head to head but it wasn’t enough to oust Luke. Teenage guitarist Luke, however, did do enough to set Twitter ablaze.

On Tuesday, Luke’s dominance on Twitter was down to 30%. But that was still more than twice the mentions of his nearest rival Tamera. Luke was likely still the talk of Twitter town on Tuesday thanks to a dramatic makeover. Luke’s new short haircut made the papers and the cover of this week’s Heat Magazine.

But Luke wasn’t the only X Factor star with reasons to be cheerful this week, as Gary Barlow knocked Nicole Scherzinger off her perch as the most popular judge on Twitter for the first time this series.

Gary received more mentions than any other judge this week, perhaps thanks in part to a duet with a certain bandaged bear for Children in Need 2013.

A look beneath the surface, however, reveals that a considerable amount of these mentions were negative in context as the singer’s weekend fundraising drive brought alleged tax avoidance issues into focus.


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