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Social Media Users Not Leaving Facebook – They Just Use Other Networks Too

Social Media keyboardA recent survey into social media usage has quashed rumours that users are turning away from Facebook. Instead, data proves that many now simply use more than one network.

The newly released data, which was reported upon by news service marketingland.com, shows that Facebook is still the most popular social site online by some distance, though in 2013, almost half of survey participants claimed to regularly use two or more networks.

Most people who use more than one network seem to favour two, but around a quarter of participants were actively using three or more.

All of the major search engines enjoyed a user increase in 2013 but Facebook remained the overwhelming favourite.

Of those who participated in the survey, more than 70% use Facebook. Many of the survey also admitted to engaging with the site every day.

LinkedIn was the next most popular social network with 22%, Pinterest now hot on its heels on 21%. Twitter is used by 18% of the people surveyed, marginally above Instagram with 17%. It’s worth bearing in mind however that Instagram is owned by Facebook. What’s more, Instagram is second only to parent site Facebook in daily usage.

Where users were regularly engaged with two networks, the majority were doing so with Facebook and Twitter, or Facebook and Instagram. There is also form for use of Facebook and LinkedIn, presumably as users try to engage with their personal and professional contacts separately.

The results are so interesting as it seems that the popularity of other social network is not hurting Facebook, which seems to be adopted as standard in most cases.

How do you engage with social media as we head into 2014? Let us know in the comments below.


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