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Google Shopping Adds More 360 Degree Product Images for Tech Products

Google-shopping-bag-300x300As we head into the New Year, Google is already busy improving its Google Shopping service with the addition of more 360 degree product views.

Originally brought in last year, to provide Christmas holiday sales a boost, 360 degree rotating product views were introduced on a variety of toys and now the technology has been expanded to feature on a wide variety of other consumer products, including cameras and home electronics.

The all new product views allow shoppers to get closer than ever to the product that they are interested in. This could prove a massive help to the online shopping industry as the images feature on products that which consumers often like to examine closely before making their purchase.

Now, thanks to 360 degree product views, consumers can rotate images to see the object from all sides. It is as close as they can get to picking the product up off the shelf, from the comfort of their own home.

More and more products are expected feature 360 degree product views in the near future. As yet, it’s not easy to find a product which features the tech, but they are out there.

Google aims for Google Shopping to ultimately rival Amazon in the online shopping stakes. The company is clearly in the fledgling stages of this ambition, but the signs are there that the wheels are in motion.

Reports claim that the company is even recruiting a new partner technology manager who will oversee the expansion of 360 degree product views to more products.

It remains to be seen whether the improved images will create a spike in Google Shopping numbers, but if it does, expect to see the images rolled out over more products in the near future.


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