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Instagram rolls out in-app Ad campaign

insta logoInstagram has launched in-app paid advertising campaign, with some of the world’s biggest brands already tapping into the potential of advertising on the fast growing social network.

Businesses have realised the advertising capabilities of photo sharing giant Instagram, most notably Omnicom - one of the 4 leading marketing and advertising conglomerates in the world.

General Electric, Levi's, Lexus and Ben & Jerry's took advantage of the new form of reaching out to potential customers, through information obtained from users linked Facebook accounts. Engaging and exciting photos and videos from these brands resulted in new followers numbering in the hundreds of thousands - an impressive result considering the advertising model was only introduced late last year.

As media giant Omnicom reportedly inked a deal worth upwards of $100 Million, users will begin to see adverts from Omnicom’s media and creative agencies in their feed. Success of these brands on Instagram has fallen to the quality of photos and videos produced with some brands old and new purely creating a following based on great photographic and video content.

With today’s ever increasing need for immediacy and instant information, a great photo can mean the difference between a user stopping to see and 'Like' a brand, or merely scrolling on or tapping the dreaded 'Unfollow'.

With over 150 million users globally, Facebook saw the potential Instagram had to offer and bought the app for a reported $715 million - businesses have seen this potential too. Jim Squires - director of market operations for Instagram says that the integrity of the App will not be compromised, in a statement, "This doesn't change our advertising strategy moving forward -- people will continue to see a limited number of beautiful, high-quality photos and videos from select brands who already have a strong presence on Instagram."

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