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Lee Glynn

Twitter Appeals to the Impulse Buyer Through ‘Cards’


With much buzz being generated about Twitter’s new leaked profile images and new improvements to the platform, businesses are getting excited about the new potential advertising opportunities in Twitter Cards.

Twitter Cards are better explained as an ‘Action + Caption’ and are soon to become one of the best ways to convey important and easily shareable information on the internet.
Call to action ‘Buttons’ are showing up more and more on peoples Twitter feeds, and due to twitter already having users email addresses, it’s easy to get people to sign up to newsletters with these Buttons.

In a forthcoming update, ‘Call’ buttons will be implemented, enabling customers to contact customer services instantly, utilising the fact most users have registered a mobile number. This new update is set to encourage new business enquiries and make customer services more easily accessible.

In an exciting new development, mobile payments company Square, is looking to introduce new ‘Buy’ buttons, which will appeal to impulse buyers. If consumers see something they like on Twitter, they can purchase it instantly through these Cards.

Twitter are looking to make their experience better by working with partners to introduce these Cards that can be embedded anywhere, making the use of twitter not just a social platform to communicate, but a serious way of advertising and converting tweet marketing into sales.
With these new developments, if a user sees an advert for a product they like, they have the opportunity to sign up to a newsletter, call customer services for advice, or just buy what they want instantly.

These Twitter Cards can also be based on existing metadata of websites, meaning they can be generated at scale easily. Companies can now immediately implement a product listing into a Twitter Card.

Set to revolutionise the way businesses can market products, these new updates are exciting opportunities to create a more accessible and user friendly experience for customers.

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