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Mobile Adverts Break into 4th Place

Mobile ads

According to ZenithOptimedia’s newest global advertising forecast, the spending on mobile display advertising, which is growing at 21 percent a year, is expected to hit $74.4 Bn in 2016, and rank as the fourth largest advertising medium. Whereas paid search on desktops is still experiencing 13 percent in annual growth and estimated at hitting $71 bn at the same time, it seems mobile adverts are becoming heavier hitters in the industry.

The benefits and importance placed on mobile advertising is constantly on the rise. Users can be exposed to adverts based on subjects relevant to their interests whilst on the go, which means that this form of advertising is growing six times faster than desktop internet advertising.

A very effective means of advertising due to the adoption of smart phones and tablets by an ever increasing audience, mobile advertising on social media such as leaders Facebook and Twitter is growing at 29 percent a year with online video advertising showing a 23 percent annual growth.

People are responding to this form of advertising more and more, which means businesses are noticing increased ROI’s and conversion rates.

Global spending on mobile advertising alone is now being estimated to have reached $13.4 billion last year, which is almost 13 percent of the online ad market and nearly 3 percent of media spending overall. Zenith predicts, after factoring in 50 percent growth, mobile advertising will account for 28 percent of online ad spend and 7.6 percent of all advertising expenditures to make mobile advertising the fourth largest medium ahead of magazines, outdoor and radio advertising.

As internet and mobile advertising becomes one of the best ways to market your product, you need to make sure you’ve got the best team handling your marketing campaign. To be seen more online and in social media via paid ads and Pay Per Click advertising, get in touch with the experts at Hit Search and hit a marketing home run.


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