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Who’s Looking at Your Twitter PPC Ads?


Pay Per Click advertising is a very effective way of reaching your demographic, especially via Twitter PPC ads, also known as Promoted Tweets. Twitter is an especially useful platform for PPC advertising as ads are presented to people based on their own interests meaning they’re more likely to engage with it.

At Hit Search, our team are able to tell which demographics are interacting with your bespoke advertising campaigns at all times, and if need be, we are also able to tweak or completely reengineer your campaigns to suit.

We’ve compiled a short list of our findings based on average demographics interacting with our current Twitter promoted tweet campaigns. The results are quite interesting.

Our findings show that:

  • Females are far more likely to retweet, comment and follow a promoted tweet
  • But it’s males that are more likely to click through to your site
  • Males have a higher engagement rate with promoted tweets overall

Perhaps even more interesting is the times at which promoted tweets are engaged with.

  • Promoted tweets are most engaged with during the hours of 6am-8am
  • There is a slight spike in engagement during the hours of 1pm-2pm

The timing of a promoted tweet is an important thing to think about when reaching out to your demographic.

As millions of us commute to work every day via public transport, quite often we’ll find ourselves looking at our smartphones to pass the time - checking emails, Facebook and of course Twitter. Quite often we won’t even realise we’re looking at a promoted tweet as it sits in nicely with our current news feed, and because it’s tailored to our actual interests, we’re highly likely to click through and see what it’s about. The same goes for the much-looked-forward-to lunch hour, as we engage with social media during break times for a reprieve from the workload.

At Hit Search, we know what makes your demographic tick and can completely tailor your social media campaign to suit, that’s why we’re the online marketing experts.

If you feel that you could benefit from Twitter PPC ads, get in touch with us today on 0845 643 9289 and get your brand seen online via promoted tweets.


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