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Attention Cookie Rookies – Ways to Build the a Better Retargeting Campaign

female-online-shopperIn theory, it’s simple: around 2% of visitors to your site will convert, so how do we capture the other 98%? We do it with remarketing.

The problem is that traditional retargeting software took a blanket approach to getting at the 98%. But for maximum effect you have to treat your customers as individually as possible and we can tell you how to do it.

Dynamic retargeting was a step in the right direction. Software could automatically pull relevant product images into banner ads, based on a customer’s viewing history. By presenting them with a relevant product you can make your ads more successful.

But if you want to seriously kick your retargeting campaign into overdrive, you don’t just need software, you need strategy.

With remarketing tracking code in place, you can collect valuable user data on visitors to your site and now you can do it for up to 365 days. This provides you with a huge source of information on your target demographic and their seasonal habits. Combine this with knowledge of your industry and product base and you have a solid, highly targeted campaign. Better yet, you have the opportunity to be genuinely useful to your prospective customers, as you know what they need and when they need it.

Let’s use an example. One of our clients is a prestigious art gallery in the heart of London which regularly host exhibitions that draw crowds from all over the world. We can capture data on users who purchase exhibition tickets for a show that runs from September to December. This provides us with a unique opportunity to target these people at the very time they’ll be most likely to engage with our ads.

We can show them ads for souvenirs, all relevant to that show. The same would apply for concerts, gigs or festivals, where we could target customers with t-shirts and posters on the basis of the tickets they purchase.

Another instance in which retargeting is most effective involved time governed repeat custom. So our client, the UK’s number one car servicing comparison site, is used to make a booking for an annual MOT. That means we know the user is likely to need another service in exactly 12 months time. In the weeks preceding we can target them with ads and make sure that when it comes to making their next booking they do it with us.

That is the essence of remarketing.

For Stuart Brandwood, one of our remarketing executives at Hit Search, it’s a game of patience but one that pays off in the long run.

He said: "In the past, remarketing was a blunt instrument, treating all users the same despite the fact that each customer is an individual with their own requirements and shopping patterns.

"Now, thanks to the sheer volume of data we can capture with remarketing software, we can use remarketing in a similar way that we might use segmented email marketing. Better yet, in place of an email, our primary point of contact is a highly visual banner ad.

"Play the long game with retargeting, study patterns in the data and seasonality, then build your campaigns around the things you’re users need and the times they need them. This transforms your ads into a surgical strike rather than a blanket campaign".

Would you like to launch a retargeting campaign, or optimise the one you have? Why not chat to Stuart or another member of the Hit Search team today and get all of the information you need?

We could help you to build a compelling ad campaign based on real data of the way your customers work and use your site. All it takes to get started is a call to 0845 643 9289.


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