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Little Birdy and Google’s ‘Right To Be Forgotten’

Little Birdy manages Google removal requests on your behalf, making sure your reputation is protected and professional progress is unhindered.

As people search for you and your brand online, they make instant judgements based on what search results they find, potentially taking their business elsewhere if they don’t like what Google shows them. Thanks to EU court’s ruling that citizens now have the ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ by Google, professionals and individuals now have the chance to remove outdated and inadequate URL’s that may be harming their reputation online.


Little Birdy is ahead of the flock when it comes to effective reputation management and brand tracking. By giving users a comprehensive overview on how they are perceived online, Little Birdy presents links to a user that they may not even be aware of and gives them the power to have URL’s removed in three quick steps.

Step 1: Overview

Little Birdy will return a comprehensive list of online mentions of your brand, allowing you to review and reactively manage your reputation. Little Birdy will categorise mentions based on sentiment analysis according to your user training and present an overview of positive and negative mentions, including any potentially damaging links.

Step 2: User Flagging System

When a user is presented with a list of mentions, regardless of whether they are a business or an individual, they have the opportunity to flag mentions or URL’s regarding them personally or their brand. Our dedicated team will see which links you have flagged and be able to advise you on your best course of action.

Step 3: Submit Right To Be Forgotten Form On Your Behalf

After our team sees your flagged item for removal, we will submit a request on your behalf ensuring your ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ removal form is filled out correctly thus increasing the chances of Google taking the requested URL down.

Effective reputation management is the key to success in an online world. Little Birdy is an industry leader in providing users with the tools to find out what’s being said about their brand and who’s saying it, allowing for re-active reputation management.

Scouring social media, user generated content (UGC) as well as blog posts and a myriad of review sites including Amazon can be an exhausting task – let Little Birdy do the hard work for you by scanning thousands of pages across the internet for mentions on your brand in real time.

Call 0845 259 4195 for more information on how Little Birdy can help your brand or to speak with an expert about how you can take advantage of Google’s Right To Be Forgotten request form.

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