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Hit Search Director Talks ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ with the New York Times

09google-Andy-Donaldson-superJumboHit Search Director Andrew Donaldson features in the New York Times and NYTimes online today after talking to the world leading news service about the ‘Right to Be Forgotten’.

You can read the article right here.

The Right to Be Forgotten is one of the most hotly discussed topics in the world right now, after the European Court of Justice ruled that anybody in Europe and potentially beyond could apply to Google to have links removed which lead to information that breached their right to privacy.

Hit Search have been inundated with calls from interested parties on the Right to Be Forgotten, since we recently launched a reputation management service which monitors where companies or individuals are mentioned online and whether these mentions were positive or negative.

Little Birdy collects unlimited mentions of your name, brand or industry keywords. As such, we can alert clients to links that they may like to be removed from the web. We can even apply to Google to have them removed.

Andy told the NY Times’ Tom Jamieson “It’s a whole new business opportunity for us. People want to protect how they appear in search results”.

Since the news of Right to Be Forgotten broke, more than 70,000 requests have already been sent to Google to have content removed, though many have not been informed if their application has been successful.

It’s very early days in the whole process and there remains some confusion around the whole process. Need advice on how Little Birdy and Hit Search could help you make the most of Right to Be Forgotten? Keen to know where you or your company are mentioned online? Why not give us a call for more information and chat to a member of the team on 0845 643 9289?


Picture courtesy of New York Times

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