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Lee Glynn

Hit Search Top 5 #SEOtip Round Up


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At Hit Search, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the online marketing and SEO world, after all, we are the experts. Over at our twitter page, we’ve been sending out a daily SEO tip – aptly entitled #SEOtip of the day! Our SEO savvy team have been offering quick hints and tips to help with everything from ranking better on search engines to increasing customer loyalty.

You can view all of our tips on our twitter feed here, but for now we’ve compiled our top picks of the week!

Welcome to the Hit Search top 5 #SEOtip of the day Round Up.

1. Aim to keep your title tag below 55 characters with your most important keywords near the beginning.

Putting your most important keywords first is best practice as Google will see that keyword as a priority and more relevant to the page, ranking it higher.

2. Are you optimising your images with alt attributes and descriptions? Bots can’t see your pics but you should still get the benefit!

If you upload a picture of a hat, Google won’t understand that you’ve uploaded a picture of a hat. If you update the alt attribute on your picture as ‘Hat’ Google will understand and rank that particular picture higher.

3. Fewer fields = greater conversions on your contact forms, are you asking for too much in your contact form?

No one wants to fill out an exhaustive form when they are shopping online. We’ve all done it – added something to our basket on an impulse buy, only to be dissuaded from purchasing due to the lengthy contact form.

4. Content is King, think how you can provide value to your target audience.

If you have a blog about fishing – don’t talk about cars.

5. Break up your product descriptions with bullet points. Shoppers don’t want to read a novel!

See what we did there? Short sharp and sweet is best practice to keep readers interested.

Follow us on twitter here to stay up to date with our #SEOtip of the day and keep checking our blog every Thursday for our weekly round up.

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