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Lee Glynn

Persona’s Are Important. Part 2

Last week we discussed Tim, Alice and Steven – our team of consumers. Through creating characters or ‘Personas’ we started to see how each person would fit in with a certain product, for example Alice was probably not going to want to try a protein shake and Steven probably couldn’t care about the latest Death Cab For Cutie Album, either way character traits could be found.

By identifying these character traits we started to see how you can market your products or services more effectively.

But by delving into Personas in more detail and identifying their Goals & Needs/Fears & Frustrations you can get a clearer picture of your demographic and create marketing campaigns to suit.

Our in-house CRO professional Terry Banks worked on an example persona as a part of a group project for Google's Digital Marketing qualification Squared. This brief, created for a fictional hair product client called ‘Tonacity’, identified the hardworking and very trend savvy mum ‘Sally’.

Sally Persona


A key part of this document was identifying the Goals & Needs as well as the Fears & Frustrations of Sally. Certain poignant factors were highlighted, namely the need for salon quality hair, her goal to look good at all times and a fear of home hair dye disasters – all fairly common aspects when choosing hair products. But when you identify the fact that she has a high powered job, two kids and an active social life, Sally simply doesn’t have time to go to the salon or wait hours for her hair product to work its magic. Tonicity’s marketing would need to convince Sally that the product is quick, easy to use and produces salon quality results.

Campaigns can be structured based on certain client’s needs. Here’s what our very own Terry Banks had to say about personas:

“Understanding your audience is key to success, a good marketing campaign will speak directly to your chosen Persona. Not only will it address their needs and fears but it will also allow a company to establish a tone of voice to use in their content and communication across social media.”

Hit Search are the online marketing experts and can help you identify and develop the key personas for your online marketing campaign. Give us a call on 0845 643 9289 for more information.



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