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YouTube upgrades its viewer to "3.0"

YouTube upgrades its viewer to "3.0"

24 October 2007 - YouTube today announced today that its all too famous video view has had a much need upgrade. The official blog commented -

In the last few months, we've received lots of helpful suggestions from you and the version you see today - which we're affectionately calling "Watch 3.0" - contains many features based directly on your feedback:

(1) You now have the option of viewing "Related Videos" in both grid and list style.
(2) The new "More Videos From This Channel" section shows you a list of up to 30 other videos hosted on the same channel.
(3) We condensed the video actions to the four that you care about the most: 'Share', 'Favorite', 'Add to Playlists' and 'Flag'.
(4) The video size is now larger.
(5) You can now drag the slider to jump ahead anywhere in the video, without waiting for it to buffer.
(6) When you switch to full screen mode, the video will continue from the point where you left off

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